Commercial Projects

Get ready to start saving on your company's bottom line with Solar Me. Our experts will recommend the optimal way to install solar at your business based on available space, structural analysis and best building practices. The benefits to adding solar or your business go above and beyond financial gain:

Benefiting from Sustainable Solar Energy

  1. Achieve your corporate energy goals. Solar power takes advantage of the sun's rays and sends that energy into your business for heating the air, water and providing electricity.

  2. Significantly reduce energy expenses. Reducing your dependence on conventional electricity will prevent you from being subject to rising energy costs.

  3. See the ROI increase. Since most solar power systems are maintenance free and known to last over 40 years, you will see a return on your investment for generations.

  4. Become the environmentally friendly company. Adding solar as a power source not only is a good investment for the company, but it also helps conserve energy for your neighbors and the surrounding community.

Financing Options

  • Purchasing a PV Solar System

  • Leasing a PV Solar System

  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)