Fancy and Flashy does not always mean better.

It is important that you understand the character of the company you are working with, and to prove our commitment to taking care of every client we’ve compiled a list of tips for making sure whatever company you talk to is ready and able to meet your needs.

1.     Look for and check reviews. Your fellow consumers can be your first line of defense against missing red flags!

2.    Inform yourself and ask questions of any company you’re interested in. If the responses always lead back to closing a sale instead of meeting your needs, you know what the priority is.

3.     An upstanding company should be easy to get in touch with. If a company avoids you, it may be a sign you should find someone else who will pay attention!

4.     Know your limits! If a company keeps pushing a deal on you that won’t benefit you now or in the future, then that company is probably not right for you.

5.     Understand your contract! Don’t let technical jargon mask a bad deal; make sure you understand every detail before you sign!

We know that with Solar Me, you’ll find that we’re dedicated to providing you with the utmost professionalism and service. Don’t be afraid to try out these tips with us—we promise you won’t be disappointed!